In Provence, the deep blue of the Mediterranean ocean echoes the purple lavender fields of the hinterland. But lavender in Haute-Provence can not be reduced to lavish picture postcard scenery.

Came from the western Mediterranean, lavender was used by the Romans to keep the clothes and perfume baths. In Provence, lavender was used in the Middle Ages, for the composition of perfumes and medicines, but it is from the nineteenth century culture developed.

It is also of heritage we speak those plants that bloom only lasts a few weeks, from June to August. Memory of lavender and its approximately 2,000 growers discovered along roads across the region of Vercors Verdon, through the baronies and the Luberon.

Cultivated at the time of the Romans to scent baths and linen, lavender has appeared in Provence in the Middle Ages for its fragrance and medicinal properties. But it was in the nineteenth century that the culture of this flower grows. Perfumeries in Grasse then use the essential oil of lavender to develop their elixirs.

Lavender is a miraculous flower for you! It soothes burns, insect bites, helps sleep or digestion and is an excellent disinfectant …

The rise of the French production of essential oil of lavender is linked to the implementation of perfumeries in Grasse region. The cultivation of lavender systematically organized in the 1950s, then took over.

The cultivation of lavender Quercy also appeared on the last slopes of southwestern Massif Central before 1936 Roquecor in the Tarn-et-Garonne1. It reached its zenith in the 1950s and 1960s, and only a few farmers still continue this tradition.

Today, the biggest party devoted to lavender in France is celebrated for almost 70 years at the “Corso de la Lavande” in Digne-les-Bains and ends with a parade of decorated floats lavender .

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