Les Machines de l’Île at Nantes


Get ready to travel into a world of fantasy

If you are looking for something unusual in France, choose Nantes and ‘Machines de l’Ile’. Take an incredible journey into the imagination and what awaits you is a unique artistic universe. Dive into the depths of the ‘Marine Worlds Carousel’, accompany the ‘Giant and the Little Girl’ in the streets of Nantes, stand on the back of the mechanical ‘Great Elephant’, push your curiosity futher in the workshop of the machines to discover their secrets. Take a break at the Café and do not forget to go through the gallery of machines that presents itself almost as a laboratory of humanized machines. You’ll find herons and a giant ant that come to life!

The Island of Machines is located within the crossroads of “Imaginary Worlds” created by Jules Verne, ‘The Mechanical Universe’ of Leonardo da Vinci and the industrial history of Nantes. A wonderful world that both children and adults will appreciate.

The masterpiece and wonder of the ‘Island of Machines’ also involves it’s unusual location. Beside the Loire river, at the site of the former shipyards it has been revised to make room for a world of daydreaming. The old warehouses were restored to house the power of the machines and the workshops.

The latest innovation: The dragon ‘Ma Long’ who will remain only a few days in France before flying to Beijing. Although this is a mechanical structure, each machine comes to life and becomes human to tenderize the curious. This attraction has surpassed a real technical feat: The company boasted; “Through the use of advanced technologies, this equine-style machine gallops, rears and can bend”. It’s eyes can open and close, the neck rises and falls. The nostrils bellow smoke and it’s mouth can breathe fire, it lives and breathes as the chest swells under pressure from its mechanical lungs. “This latest attraction is a gift from France to China as part of the fifth anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations. The dragon ‘Ma Long’ was designed to represent the French-Chinese friendship.

Since the creation of the ‘Great Elephant’ and its growing success, the ‘Machines de l’Ile’ has become increasingly known and recognized. In 2007,  at the International Tourism Fair in Paris the attraction was awarded a special jury prize for innovation in the field of Tourism.

Video: Dragon Long-Ma and Grand Elephant

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