Beginning in May 2014, the Echo Travel dedicates an article to Michel Madi and puts light on the Frenchy Travel project about to be realized!

The founder of Crystal TO will launch receptive Frenchy Travel. Michel Madi explains his vision and great ambitions for the destination France.

Michel Madi returns to the travel sector … he never completely left the industry.

Since 2009 he has moved to Rochefort-en-Terre, Morbihan, where he managed five luxurious guest rooms. “I have recently sold to get into a project that taps me for many years,” says the founder of Crystal TO (group XL), and co-founder of Star Airlines, now renamed XL Airways.

This other project is Frenchy Travel, to be officially launched at the IFTM in Paris, in September 2014 the company is being set up and registration with Trump France.

A national receptive

The project was born from a simple observation: “France has a large number of regional receptives. But we do not have a national alert, unlike other major tourist destinations “.

“We want to become the reference in France,” said Mr. Madi. “We want to build on the regions to say loud and clear that our country is not just in Paris. The Chinese did not stay long enough in France through ignorance of our tourism wealth. “His comments echo those held recently by the Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

“Our project is timely: the State is fully aware of the importance of our industry.”

A multilingual website BtoB

It is through his work as a producer and aggregator, Frenchy Travel aims to get its dealers to stretch the length of stay for travellers. The target receptive: tour operators BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the United States and Canada, but also the French travel agencies such as OTAs Lastminute and Promovacances.

Distribution of goods will go through a multilingual BtoB (and BtoC Version) site, developed by the company that took Advences as clients Go Voyages, XL and Crystal TO. The digital platform, launched this autumn, will provide availability and booking in real time. Receptive will rely on its own tours and holidays, and benefits local producers.

A strong founding team

Industry professionals joined the company in positions related to operations, production, administration / finance: Victor Magalhaes (former Director Club Lookea Look Voyages), Raphaël Auvray (former director of production Promosejours / NG Travel), Séverine Deschamps (former head of production at Crystal tO), Jean-Marc Le Guernic (ex-DG Servair).

Michel Madi announced that he holds the majority of the initial capital (150,000 euros).

Egyptian receptive Flash Tour, chaired by Amgad Assoun, is also a shareholder, which will allow it to diversify its business at a time when the land of the Pharaohs is still at half mast. “This is the second biggest Egyptian receptive, and it is already working with Russian, Indian and Chinese tour operators, hence the coherence of its entry into the capital.”

Buses colours Frenchy Travel?

“Flash Tour has a TO Italy, Germany, Poland, and offices in Dubai, China and India. Ultimately, we, like him, have our own bus and our own hotels, our colours. It’s amazing that France does not have a structured receptive this way. “

However Frenchy Travel begin modestly. “Our goal is 3 to 4 million euros at the end of the first 12 months and ten million in three years.”

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