Preparations for the trip to France

For successful France, paperwork preparation of the bag stay, discover all relevant information for a dream trip to discover the French territory.

When to go:
The best time to visit our country is so late in the spring, but fall is also a good time, though the days grow shorter and temperatures drop. Winter is the best time to attend stations ski the Pyrenees and the Alps season while the summer to avoid the scorching heat, the choice will be the destinations in the sea. To arrange a pleasant stay in Paris or in major tourist cities all seasons are favorable.

How long to stay:
You can stay many times and always discover new treasures, landscapes …
The capital Paris alone, request at least 1 week-10 days stay, if only to see the essential things. But we can be sure that if every year we go back to Paris to spend a week each time emerge new topics of interest.
Regarding the rest of the country everyone can decide to switch from one to four weeks or more with the confidence as sightseeing and attending cultural and artistic events are always different and varied.

Bureaucracy and visas:
Since 1 January 2000, citizens from the Schengen area (Member States of the European Union) are not subject to systematic checks on entry into France.
But personal checks are possible, it is recommended to carry a valid passport or identity card; These documents allow a maximum stay of three months.

To put in your suitcase:
A practical and informal attire is there a better way to any occasion. Obviously for a winter sports holiday hot and specific clothing will be advised as if your intention is to go to Corsica and the French Riviera it will remember to bring bathing suits and towels .

Usually the grid is 220 volts. Catches are bipolar.

Useful addresses:
Useful addresses health and sésurité
Tel.0800089222 breakdown assistance (free call number)
Fire Brigade 18
Police 17 or 112 (from mobile phone)
Ambulance or Samu 15
Emergency Department 17

Currency, exchange and credit card:
The official currency of France is the Euro. Credit cards are now accepted everywhere (minimum amount is sometimes called). The cash pickup are numerous and generally operate round the clock.

Vaccination and health:
No vaccinations are required.

La France presents no health risk. Take with you the Social Security card that allows you to free care by the French health service although it will be necessary to pay in advance. Tourist offices, police and hotels are generally able to obtain the address of a doctor or the nearest hospital.

Passengers with reduced mobility:
France and its infrastructure is a constant effort to welcome people with disabilities. On request, assistance in stations, getting booked on trains or booking cars adapted for people with disabilities (including Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nice) places possible. River tourism is facilitated by the presence of boats wheelchair accessible. Access to beaches for people with disabilities are sometimes available.