Frenchy Travel responds to Montaigne Report (2014)

The Institut Montaigne wrote a report by posing a number of questions. Frenchy Travel as a referent actor in France, provides concrete solutions in terms of receptive activity. It is a concrete response to the expectations of the government.

“Tourism is an industry made ​​up of artisans who have failed to coalesce into industrial sector. industry consists of thousands of small and very small.” Frenchy Travel is a benchmark leader in activity receptive actor. Its national presence will help to organize and expand the sphere of activity throughout the country to foreign markets.

“The many advantages of the territory […] have never forced France to pursue a clear and proactive tourism policy nor the actors to organize themselves into a real similar to a leading industry sector.” Frenchy Travel wishes unite the multitude of local receptives to structure this industry that really needs a leader. We have the advantage of already having a strong international network of our assets and our experience over 25 years.

“Tourism has become a highly competitive business and requires […] a clear strategy and reach the highest level of the state.” Today, the threat of increased competition is real. Businesses such as Frenchy Travel are real holders of projects that require the support of political organizations.

“You have to consider a” business France “uniting all public and private stakeholders on a project.” The will of Frenchy Travel is to install the best cooperation between the public through promotion and reception with private investors in a marketing sense.

“This industry is suffering […] a stack of territorial public actors with no real consistency which leads to a dispersion of policy instruments.” Consistency can be conducted by a private holder and coordination can be made between public and private.

“Understanding and targeting the demand”. Frenchy Travel has already created records by targeting behavioral studies in the country. Each customer has specific offers that require refining according to expectations. European travellers including those in distant countries, 22 behaviors were analyzed.

“The major tourism stakeholders are they able to take this all-encompassing position? To position themselves ahead of the chain of being “inspirational”?(…) The inspiration phase is decisive in the course of the traveler.” Frenchy Travel naturally incorporates this step web site across the map of the visual and intuitive. Also the return of customer notice will share an inspirational force, by, and for, its customers.

“France must strengthen the promotion of the region and promote the emergence of new digital tourism stakeholders. “” France must control its digital promotion and fostering the emergence of a French competition […] the great pure players.” The digital strategy of Frenchy Travel is global. The merchant website is innovative and intuitive with an emphasis on photo and video sharing,comments and the reviews of … But, a presence on social media is inseparable as the development of a blog. Digital is part of the value of Frenchy Travel.

“The French which offers must be present on all channels and quickly visible.” The commercial site Frenchy Travel responds to the challenges of online distribution, but also the challenges of connectivity to ensure efficient distribution to customers.

“-add languages ​​on targeted sites (including Chinese and Russian, […] the European languages​​.” The web presence involves international access Frenchy Travel Site is multilingual, available in 7 languages​​. French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

“Training the tourism stakeholders of tomorrow.” Frenchy Travel is fully involved in the creation of jobs and training for young people.

“Offers combining transport, museums and hotels or […] access to a lounge / Fair […] could satisfy visitors leisure as business visitors.” The development of the urban supply is packaged integrated production Frenchy Travel. The combined offerings are at the heart of its business.

“Tourism products must become centers of attraction leading, able to irrigate a regional territory.” This is the first mission Frenchy Travel: being prescriber of French regions by giving them visibility through original and unexpected products. The aim is to combine the neglected sites to popular sites.

“Developing the tourism offer for a” shopping”.” Studies show a craze for shopping in France. Frenchy Travel is dedicating a specific sector for this activity.

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