The Journey to Nantes 2016 : SAVE THE DATE !

Summer 2016: July 1 to August 28  Experience the journey to Nantes

It starts on the evening of Saturday 1st July with the Night of VAN (Voyage A Nantes). Across town, the streets will come alive to give a festive atmosphere as we find nowhere else: night in museums, concerts, short-live events or barbecues! The opening of the extraordinary creative journey becomes a party which comes back every summer!

To live the journey to Nantes and to not miss any essential site, follow the green line. It is a path drawn on the floor that makes you move in succession through the historic districts of the city and those ones reinterpreted by artists who have made particularly atypical and captivating locations.

Follow the green line is very easy by foot, and if you want to take a break at any time of the journey, you will find benches, greenery beaches and cafes. You can also ask the services of a professional guide for a classic or unusual visit according to your taste! And for more freedom, you can choose an audio guide in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

If you have a sporting profile, you can also follow the path riding a bike. There are many terminals bicycle sharing system. The Bicloo are orange, you can not miss them!

It is time to give you an overview of places, monuments, unique artworks and views of the city that should spark your interest and boost your curiosity. Go for a discovery of the city by district:


This is the old town, where you can walk around the narrow streets with a marked medieval atmosphere. It is a very lively area with restaurants and bars where families mix with youth, couples and travelers. An area rich in history where you can discover:

Castle of the Dukes of Brittany with the History Museum of Nantes

The water mirror, new since 2015, the castle ramparts reflect  in it with a relaxing atmosphere

Place Bouffay, old historic place, it is now a pleasant place where it is a pleasure to have a drink on the terrace

Galeries Lafayette will delight shopaholics

Le Jardin des Plantes, 7 hectares of nature in the heart of downtown, this garden labeled “Remarkable Garden” is ranked among the 4 major botanical gardens in France


Former island surrounded by the Loire arms but then filled,  the District Feydeau is an open and pleasant place. You will appreciate the green lawns but also asymmetrical blocks in the Kervégan street. You will also be surprised by the remarkable and specific facades to the city of Nantes.


This area has lived many bombings but fortunatly succeeded in rebuilding it to become today an example of the eighteenth and nineteenth century urbanism. Graslin area is particularly pleasant for pedestrians because the streets are nearly all closed to cars. Enjoy chic boutiques and terraces. In the Graslin District, you can discover:

Passage Pommeraye, this architectural masterpiece is one of the most beautiful passages in Europe

Place Graslin and Theatre Graslin

La Cigale, a listed building, is a unique place characterized by Art Nouveau with ornaments galore

Cours Cambronne

Place Royale

Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery

Natural History Museum


New district of Nantes completely revisited by culture, architectural works and the creations of artists. Surrounded by the Loire, it is also an airy and conducive place to walk and to rest at the edge of the last wild river of France. Here is what you can experience on the Isle of Nantes:

Les Machines de l’Île under the naves, be surprised meeting the huge Elephant, visit the Machine Gallery, enter the Marine Worlds Carousel …

Le Hangar à Bananes (Bananas warehouse), former warehouses where we made ripen bananas are now bars and restaurants with large terraces open beside the banks of the Loire.


To complete the journey to Nantes, you must rise to admire the city from above by climbing to the top of the Tour Bretagne. It is also the antique district of Place Viarme where antique dealers regularly meet together. In this area you will discover:

Tour Bretagne: the only building between Paris and New York! With 32 floors, 144 meters high, you can enjoy a panoramic view outside of the city and the Loire

Le Nid (The Nest), at the top of the Tour Bretagne, you can have a drink in a bar very atypical: Le Nid is the refuge of a great white bird mid-stork and mid-heron

The edges of Erdre, for a stroll along the waterfront or a small restaurant on a barge


Take the Navibus and cross the Loire in 10 minutes to reach the small village of fishermen: Trentemoult. You will be totally disoriented in few seconds discovering the streets of this neighborhood so close to Nantes ! Trentemoult will please you with its colorful houses, restaurants along the Loire and its atmosphere that will make you lose track of time. Let your mood be your guide through the maze of narrow streets where sometimes you wonder if you will not go into someone’s house!